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Welcome to the
business card creation page,
we are truly excited that you are here!

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Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

These are the United People Power standard business card templates, one right orientation and one left depending on the orientation of your portrait, they are free to use. Right click the image you want and save it to your computer to be uploaded to Vista Print or used as your business card background at your local print shop.

HOWEVER - doing it yourself may not be the best or most cost effective option

Vista Print and other services charge additional fees per upload, and also for customizing text on business cards. By the time you upload the initial file, add your photo, and customize your text --you have added 3 additional costs to creating your card. Here are the benefits of getting your card perfect from the very start:

  • No graphic arts skills needed, your portrait will be removed from its background and minor color corrections and/or touching up will be done!
  • You upload a finished product ONE TIME at Vista Print (or any other provider) and you're done!
  • You actually SAVE MONEY by omitting additional uploads or text changes because it's done!
  • Your finished business card file can also be taken to your local card printers and you're done!
  • Your photo and card are created by a professional and will make YOU look like the professional that you are!
  • You save precious time! Custome work available for additional fees; click here to contact the City Shogun for more information.
AND...everything is tax deductible as a legitimate business expense!

Ordering is Easy!

Once you have decided to have your card custom made by a graphics professional the first thing to do is remit a payment of only $10 to Evan Rowell Via PayPal

Next, choose the template design you want; they change from time to time so between orders look them over, you might see something you would like to change to.

Finally, fill in the short form below and submit...THAT'S IT! Once your payment is verified your card file will be created and sent to you via the email address you indicate then you can upload your completed card to Vista Print or take it to your local print shop.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, if there is something amiss with your card we will fix it without delay at no extra charge.

Start Here:

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 1 - Brown Fireworks on Black

CARD 2 - Black on Brown Fracture

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 3 - Red Chrome

CARD 4 - Fire on Black

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 5 - Liquid Hot Spot 1

CARD 6 - Liquid Hot Spot 2

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 7 - Pink on Maroon

CARD 8 - Red on Black Puzzle

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 9 - Black on Red Mottle

CARD 10 - Brown on Gold Swirl

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 11 - Star Field Lamp Post

CARD 12 - Star Field Crystal Cactus

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 13 - Star Field Purple Heaven

CARD 14 - Star Field Hollywood Lights

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 15 - Star Field Night Lights

CARD 16 - Black on Green Puzzle

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 17 - Black on Dark Brown

CARD 18 - Black on Medium Brown

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 19 - Dark Brown on Light Brown

CARD 20 - Black on Navy Blue

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 21 - Black on Purple

CARD 22 - Black on Green

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 23 - Black on Grey

CARD 24 - Black on Red

Generic Template 1 Generic Template 1

CARD 25 - Black Spot on White

CARD 26 - Purple Spot on White

Once you have decided on the card design from those listed above indicate it in the "Card Selection" box below, then choose your image file and finish filling out the form.

NOTE: If providing a portrait for us to work with please read these guidelines! - An image is optional but HIGHLY recommended, keep these guidelines in mind when choosing an image.

  • Choose a picture where you are looking into the camera directly at the customer.
  • We will remove "red eye" and make minor cosmetic changes as necessary (any concerns you have about your picture may be mentioned in the comments section below, we will do our best to accommodate you).
  • Straight-on shots are best, however, a slightly angled body with your head turned to look into the camera is perfectly fine, we will arrange the graphics for right or left orientation and place your picture on the side of the card that looks best.
  • The card will show your head and shoulders somewhere above the elbows so try to provide a close and clear head and shoulders portrait. The need to enlarge the desired portion of the picture can render a portrait that is not as sharp as needed.
  • File format must be either JPG(preferred), PNG, or TIFF. Professional portraits and/or expensive cameras are not necessary as most cameras shoot in JPG format and produce excellent results.
  • If taking your own picture shoot in a well lighted area but avoid direct sunlight. If shooting outside on a sunny day place yourself in a shaded area to avoid harsh shadows.
  • Do not worry about the background, we will remove you from it.
  • Files should be between 50K and 1 megabyte.
  • Try to choose a portrait wherein you look somewhat professional and well posed.
  • Try to choose a portrait wherein the arms and shoulders are not cut off from the sides or if they are behind something.
  • If you are wearing glasses be aware of any reflected glare in the glasses that obscures your eyes and try to avoid it, we will not be able to remove it without considerable added cost.
  • NEVER choose a portrait that obscures or cuts off any part of the head and/or your hair (except for very long hair that falls below the bottom crop line). If your picture needs cropping please let us do it, send it as is, if we need something different to make your card the best it can be we will contact you.
Keep this in mind: The quality of the picture on your card reflects directly on you and the level of your professionalism so provide a picture that meets these guidelines, your customers will see the difference.

Thank you - the City Shogun Graphic Arts Team

Only the fields marked with an * will appear on the card; all other information is for our records only. Rest assured that your private information is held in the strictest of confidence and under no circumstances will it be sold, shared, or otherwise divulged to anyone at any time.

Card Selection:
Image File Location:*
First Name:*   Last Name:*
(optional) Title:*
Phone:* Please use this format xxx-xxx-xxxx
Desired UPP domain* UPP user name*/
Re-enter Email:
(optional) Catch Phrase:*
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Comments, Concerns, and Special Requests: NOTE: Titles must be selected from those listed above. Different catch phrases from those listed above must be considered and approved before they can be used.

NOTE:  If you would rather send us a picture and the required information via US mail you may do so. The cost for manual handling and scanning the photo is $15. The following guidelines apply.

Send an uncreased picture along with all the information requested above and a check or money order for $15 (never send cash) to:

City Shogun Graphic Arts
606 North 780 East
Tooele, Utah 84074

  • Label the envelope "PHOTOS, Do NOT Bend"
  • If you need the picture back include a self addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size to return the picture without bending it.
  • If requested, for an additional $5 ($20 total to cover S&H) we will send you a CD with your file on it.